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The 12 Volt Power Outlet Tester  was developed at request of Ford Cologne Body and Assembly plant for use with new B479 Fiesta model.  New vehicle models can have up to three 12 volt power outlets; one in the centre console near the gear shift, one at the rear base of the centre console, and one in the boot.

The tools was developed as an error proofing unit to ensure that all 12 volt power outlets are working correctly during production on the assembly line and any failures would be reported to a plant quality control system.  The operator plugs the tool adapter into the power outlet in the same way that you would use a phone charger or an in car cigarette lighter.

How does it work?

The handheld tool applies a load of 1A for 1 second and measures the socket voltage to ensure there is no voltage drop out of specification.  The tool then transmits the result for each socket to a receiver which sends an OK/NOK, the measured voltage and socket number.  This data is sent via RS232 serial and volt-free relay to a plant quality control system.

Each pack consists of a 12V Power Socket Tool, Charger and Receiver with optional light-stack.  A tool pairs with a receiver by transmitting a stream of data (UHF) every 3 seconds containing battery status and channel information.

The tool is available with multiple user-replaceable and interchangeable tips for different degrees of access to the power socket.

The tool threshold voltage is programmable by a button combination on tool.

Also a visual feedback, in the form of an LED on the tool face, indicates the testing process and result.

Receiver Features:

  • The receiver has a 'tool-present' LED which indicates a secure radio link.
  • An error-proofing outputs available (RS232/Volt-Free Relay) for connection to the plant quality computer system.  This provides traceability of each vehicle set by the 12 Volt Power Tester tool.
  • Output for a light stack to indicate tool present, low battery and power socket tested OK.
  • 32 available channels (UHF).

Charger Features:

  • Fast charge capability - charging the tool to 80% in less than an hour.
  • Separate LEDs indicating power, charging, and fully charged.

Tool Features:

  • The tool requires no set-up.  It is always on and ready to test power sockets.
  • There are 32 different radio channels that the tool can be set to and the tool has a range of approximately 15m.
  • The battery life is approximately 5 days depending on usage.
  • An indicator LED for operator to know the tool has tested power socket.




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