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Dennis fire appliance production rekindled

1 September 2008
Production of Dennis fire appliances is set to restart, as an indirect result of MAN’s ditching of plans to build refuse collection vehicles. Alexander Dennis stopped building fire appliances a year ago following demands from its cab supplier Dennis Eagle (owned by Ros Roca of Spain) for guaranteed orders for at least 50 a year. Unable to commit to that number, Alexander Dennis stopped production of fireappliance chassis at its Dennis Fire plant in Guildford, Surrey while another cab supplier was sought (Transport Engineer December 2007). But at the Fire & Rescue show in Liverpool last month Dennis Fire was telling brigades that production would restart next year, with the familiar Cromweld stainless-steel cab built by Dennis Eagle in Blackpool.
There will be no immediate return to the fire-appliance market for Guildford-built Sabres because Dennis Fire has decided to skip Euro-4 engines and go straight to Euro-5. “We can’t get the first of these from Cummins until next March,” explains Dennis Fire general manager Roger Paice. “It will probably be June before we see the first chassis.”- Re-Printed courtesy of the 'Transport Engineer'.



This private collection based in the North East of England is of mainly DENNIS fire appliances.

Fleet List (December 2008)

ED810 1914 Dennis 'N' Type Pump
SN1549 1920 Dennis 'N' Type Pump
BH0500 1920 Dennis 'N' Type Pump
FA1075 1921 Dennis 'N' Type Pump Escape
N/A 1923 Dennis Trailer Pump No.2 Pump
NKR31525 1927 Dennis Ajax Pump
FA4067 1930 Dennis Low Load 60/70HP Pump Escape
JD1490 1931 Dennis BIg 6 Pump Escape
BPB644 1931 Dennis Big 4 Pump Escape
FP3564 1938 Dennis Light 4 Pump Escape
EUP313 1941 Dennis Light 4 New World Pump
OZ9607 1954 Dennis F17 Metz 125' TLP Turn Table Ladder
DSN175 1953 Dennis F8 Pump
999MHN 1960 Leyland Firemaster Magirus 100' TL Turn Table Ladder
EBB783C 1965 Dennis F107 Emergency Tender Heavy ET
GDY99F 1967 AEC Merryweather Merryweather 100' TL Turn Table Ladder
DHN999J 1970 Dennis F108 Maxim/Holmes 750 Heavy Rescue Tender
SBB564M 1974 Dennis F109 Water Tender Water Tender
SPY762R 1977 Dennis R130 'R' Series Water Tender
FGR281S 1977 Dennis F60 Emergency Tender Heavy ET
RTN144S 1977 Dennis F123 Delta Magirus 100' TL Turntable Ladder
STY31S 1978 Dennis F131 Water Tender Water Tender
ETN909W 1980 Shelvoke SPV Emergency Tender Heavy ET
EBB846W 1980 Dennis Dominator Incident Command Unit
EBB847W 1980 Shelvoke SPV Foam Tender Foam Tender
B759GCN 1982 Dennis SS131 Water Tender Fire Boat Transporter
D785XRG 1984 Dennis SS131 Water Tender Water Tender


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Tracing the History of your Dennis Appliance

Following the closure of the Dennis Woodbridge Hill factory in 1991 all the factory archives were transferred to the Surrey History Service.

The factory meticulously recorded all of their appliance production and original factory photographs exist for many appliances. The new Dennis factory is still in Guildford on the Slyfield Industrial Estate.

I am grateful to the SHS and Alexander-Dennis for permission to reproduce images from their archive.

For further information relating to this  Northern Collection of Dennis Fire Engines please email;