Triumph Thunderbird

The new Triumph Thunderbird is a large 'Cruiser' type motorcycle. Part of the exceptional smoothness is derived from using a belt drive which replaces the conventional chain. It is essential that the belt is tensioned correctly. Triumph came to CLAVIS for equipment to both tension the belt automatically and to align the wheel spindle perfectly during the same operation. This was achieved by having a 4 part system. A measurement unit with an optical sensor measures the belt tension. Two units located in either side of the wheel spindle, measure wheel spindle position to 0.01mm!  All three of these units are battery powered and communicate with the control cabinet by a UHF telemetry link. The fourth unit is the motor drive system which rotate the wheel spindle adjustment nuts.  Bar code scanning of the bike VIN number, data logging and the printing of the operation pass certificate ticket are other features of the system.
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Twin motors are controlled independently to ensure that the wheel spindle is perfectly aligned whilst the belt tension is set to very tight tolerances.
The wheel spindle measurement tools are battery powered and measure wheel spindle position to 0.01mm. When not in use the tools are located in bases which provide battery charging.