Introduction: In 1988 CLAVIS invented a new type of belt tension meter. No longer was it necessary to rely on the thumb for an estimate of belt tension. Suddenly all force/displacement type tension gauges were shown to be clumsy, inaccurate and in many cases difficult to use.
The CLAVIS gauge became the automotive industry standard for belt tension measurement. It only took CLAVIS a small step to introduce equipment using the same principle for automated belt setting on high speed automotive engine production lines.In recent years CLAVIS have introduced a revolutionary system for the setting of parking brake (hand brake) cables. Suitable for use with both disk or drum braked vehicles the ability to set and to record the setting (for legislative reasons) has resulted in installation successes around the world.
The CLAVIS belt tension gauge is based upon the natural frequency of vibration of the belt. The belt is first tapped to force it into vibration and then the frequency of vibration is measured. As the belt tension is increased the frequency of vibration also increases. This can be likened to the tuning of a musical stringed instrument such as a guitar. To replay the video click on the play symbol on the video player tool bar.