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Clavis | 03-Mar-21

Quality management is critical for carmakers — even with the challenges of COVID-19.

As plants reduce the number of workers on the shop floor, how can manufacturers ensure the many connections between different technical systems perform reliably?

Read our director Andrew’s blog, where he shows you the best tool for the job:

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Andrew Punton | 03-Mar-21

Do you need an extra pair of ears, or an extra pair of eyes? 

That’s a question our customers face when deciding which type of sensor head they need to measure their belt tension. Optical or acoustic sensor heads suit different environments.

In my latest blog, I explain which could be best for you.

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Andrew Punton | 03-Mar-21

Did you know, all EPAS units produced by the five major manufacturers – ZF, Nexteer, JTEKT, Mando and Hitachi – have their belt tension measured by Clavis technology, the FourierBMS. 

For more about our FourierBMS, and its closed loop system that accurately measures, monitors and controls the belt tension measurement process from start to finish, watch the video below:

Andrew Punton | 23-Feb-21

So, what exactly does our Gusto POPP clamp release tool do? 

POPP clamps are the industry standard for automotive manufacturers, offering a reliable, leak-proof connection between a hose and a fitting. 

Our Gusto POPP clamp release tool closes POPP clamps, registering each time a clamp has been closed correctly and sending that data to be used for quality management. 

To learn more, email me at  

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Andrew Punton | 18-Feb-21

I’m pretty excited about these too! Which model would you choose?

No matter which make of #electricmotorcycle model you use, perfectly adjusted belt tension is the key to a smooth, breakdown free, ride.

Andrew Punton | 12-Feb-21

Whatever your workday looks like, nothing beats a brew. 

In tough times, I believe it’s team spirit that gets us through.

 There are 16 of us at Clavis and our new branded mugs are a reminder that we’re all on the same team – no matter how many sugars we take. 

Find out more about us, and meet the team: 

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Andrew Punton | 11-Feb-21

With developments in battery technology, electric cars will soon be cheaper then internal combustion ones! 🙌

A great step towards the sustainability of the automotive industry. 

Andrew Punton | 04-Feb-21

For manufacturers who want to improve efficiency and productivity – which, let’s face it, is all of them – data is key.

All of Clavis’ equipment is designed with connectivity in mind, whether you’re closing POPP clamps with our Gusto tool, or measuring belt tension with our Type 7 belt meter. 

To learn more, drop me a message or email

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Andrew Punton | 03-Feb-21

“The horse is here to stay but the automobile is a novelty – a fad,” said the president of Michigan Savings Bank in 1903.  

We can laugh at this now, but in my latest blog I explain how electric power assisted steering (EPAS) escaped a similar fate – and why effective belt measurement is vital the today and tomorrow’s steering systems.  

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Andrew Punton | 03-Feb-21

Want to error proof your hose clamp installation?  

Clavis has developed an advanced tool used by automotive manufacturers worldwide as a poke-yoke solution to effectively “error-proof” hose installation. 

Used for Mubea POPP Clamps and Piolax Spring Band Clamps. 

Some of the benefits: –  

⭐ Reduces the reliance on the operator to ensure that clamps are fixed/installed correctly.

⭐ Significantly reduce the risk of open clamps being missed on hoses during production.

⭐ The tool is clamp-size independent – it can be used across multiple engine/hose stations.

We offer a free trial to experience the Gusto in action and see the benefits and added value the tool offers first-hand. We integrate the Gusto with your systems and run the trial live on site, we guarantee you will see significant improvements. 

To see how we can error proof your processes, drop me an email: 

More information can be found on our website:

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Andrew Punton | 03-Feb-21

As charging infrastructure is one of the biggest barriers to #EV adoption, I’m excited about this announcement from Shell.

Just more proof that electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry! What do you think?

Andrew Punton | 29-Jan-21

Nice! The first e-bike in the world to integrate both an electric motor and an adaptive automatic transmission …

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Andrew Punton | 27-Jan-21

A good catch-up on what’s happening in 3D printing right now – and what we can look forward to.

Remember, effective belt tensions measurement can be vital to making these systems work. #3dprinting #belttension 

To find out more, drop me a message or contact our team through

Andrew Punton | 27-Jan-21

It’s quite surprising that many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) don’t correctly measure belt tension in their engine systems.

Many use force gauges to manually measure the force of a belt, but these tools are inaccurate. Really, OEMs can do better – they are missing out on all kinds of benefits like longer performance, greater power and improved fuel economy!

In my new blog, I explain why Clavis’ belt meters are a better alternative to manual force gauges; especially in the era of Industry 4.0.

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Andrew Punton | 26-Jan-21

A lot of work’s gone into it, but we’re pleased to unveil the brand new Clavis website!


Aside from looking a lot nicer, you’ll be able to download product sheets on our range of products – the FourierBMS, the Gusto and others. 

And they’ll be more videos and exciting content coming in the future. Watch this space!

Andrew Punton | 13-Jan-21

Nice report here on the state-of-play with electric vehicles (EVs).

If you haven’t read it, here’s my own article on a key technology that will emerge with EVs: steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems. 

I explain why belt measurement remains vital to these procedures: 


Andrew Punton | 12-Jan-21

Clavis’ belt tension systems are already the automotive industry standard for belt tension measurement.

But they’re also ideal in any application where the product features a belt drive. 

Like marine engines, for instance. The belts are idle for most of their life – especially on sailing boats – which means extra wear complications can happen when they’re in use. Correct belt tension can help overcome these issues.

So, before you next set sail, get in touch with us to find out more:


Andrew Punton | 07-Jan-21

As someone who’s partial to the occasional long bike-ride, I’m liking this new e-bike that has a range of 200 miles on a single charge.

Designed by Gavin Whitmore, the Juggernaut HD Duo has a 1500W mid-drive motor and a whopping 2002Wh battery.

Give us a call if you ever decide to install, and measure, a belt in one of your EVs, Gavin! #engineering  

Andrew Punton | 06-Jan-21

It’s not just belt measurement systems that are vital on today’s automotive production lines – so is Industry 4.0 technology.

That’s why Clavis has designed the FourierBMS Model No. 001 to do everything in one box. 

It contains an integrated PLC with Profinet connectivity for data communication over Industrial Ethernet, and enhanced I/O. 

So, the FourierBMS can connect into – or create – closed loop systems where no human input is needed.

That’s how do you do Industry 4.0! Message me for more info. #industry40 

Andrew Punton | 22-Dec-20

Do you want to see a tool that’s essential for automotive manufacturing quality control – but that many manufacturers overlook?

Then head over to our YouTube channel, where we’ve uploaded our recent webinar demonstrating the ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp. In the video, our specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, talks you through why the Gusto is the best tool to ensure that POPP clamps are fastened and removed quickly and securely.

Put on a brew, kick back and enjoy the show!

Andrew Punton | 17-Dec-20

When the world’s back to normal, then come and visit us!

Clavis is now based in one of the largest business parks in the UK, North Tyneside’s Cobalt business park. People don’t realise that we do everything under one roof, at Clavis – with CNC machines and lathes, a CAD design studio, large testing rigs for our Fourier Belt Measurement System (BMS) and much more. Come and see for yourself.

Drop us a line at, and let’s make plans!

Andrew Punton | 16-Dec-20

Nice piece here on the use of stable and heat-resistant thermoplastics in the vehicle engines of tomorrow.

At Clavis, we’re always evolving the bespoke designs of our belt measurement sensor heads, to get into all the nooks and crannies of tomorrow’s more compact engine designs. #engineering

Andrew Punton | 15-Dec-20

You’ll have seen that we talk a lot out POPP clamps, which are used by all major automotive manufacturers.

But what exactly are they and how do they compare to other clamp types?

Learn all about POPP clamps in our blog:

Andrew Punton | 10-Dec-20

We’re always looking at new ways to ruggedise our belt meters.

The Type 14 is a ruggedised version of our Type 4 belt meter. It is ideal for use in toothed timing belts, simple or poly-vee belts and cogged belts.

The Type 14 has a tough aluminium body, high stability precision and easily validated calibration accuracy. And, it can measure frequencies between 30 and 600 Hz.

This covers most automotive applications. Learn more:

Andrew Punton | 9-Dec-20

Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) is ready to support you.

CAD designs have proven critical during the COVID-19 travel restrictions. We’ve still been able to design bespoke measurement belt systems for our customers in Europe, the Far East and elsewhere. In some cases, they’ve been able to 3D-print their own prototypes! So, there’s no stopping us!

Get in touch with us today to talk about your unique requirements:

Andrew Punton | 8-Dec-20

Have you signed-up for tomorrow’s webinar?

Find out how the small, yet powerful Gusto tool helps the world’s major automotive manufacturers ensure vital clamps in vehicles are properly secured – and avoid major issues like engine malfunctions and damage.

It isn’t too late to join! Register for your free e-ticket, here:

Andrew Punton | 8-Dec-20

Your belt tension requirements are unique – and that demands a bespoke unit. At Clavis, we design our units specifically to suit your unit application.

In fact, we’ve created bespoke systems for everyone from Ducati and Geely, to Nissan. All have tailor-made solutions that mount seamlessly into their engine blocks.  

Let’s start your unique design today. Get in touch: 

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Andrew Punton | 3-Dec-20

This handheld device has become essential on some the world’s top automotive production lines – and here’s your chance to see why.

Next week, our specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, will be online for an exclusive webinar. He’ll show you how our ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp tool is vital for securing the many connections within vehicles. 

We say it’s the best tool for the job – but why not decide for yourself? 

Get your free e-ticket, here: 

Andrew Punton | 3-Dec-20

We’re very proud to have been shortlisted for two Made in the North East awards! 

Clavis is nominated in the Design Engineering and Technology and Automotive, Aerospace and Rail award categories. Both were for our ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp release tool!

The Gusto provides a traceable guarantee that POPP clamps are closed, avoiding catastrophic problems with vehicles. 

Fingers crossed, we can have a knees-up at the awards ceremony in March 2021! Read more about the Gusto, here: 

Andrew Punton | 2-Dec-20

Bear Grylls eat your heart out!

Did you know belt measurement is also vital in extreme environments? That’s where Clavis’s super rugged Type 13 SR belt meter lends a hand.

The Type 13 SR can operate between -40 and +80 degrees Celsius and is fully submersible down to 15 metres (50 feet).

Whether you’re cold climate testing in the Arctic Circle, or maintaining a battalion of armoured fighting vehicles, our Type 13 is the tool for you.

Learn more: 

Andrew Punton | 1-Dec-20

If you missed our recent webinar about the ground-breaking Gusto POPP clamp release tool, then don’t worry – you have another chance!

Our Gusto specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, will show you why the Gusto is the essential choice to ensure vital clamps in vehicles are properly secured. 

This webinar is scheduled for our customers in the Americas – but if you’re free at 5 pm GMT on December 9, then why not get involved?

Register here: 

Andrew Punton | 1-Dec-20

Don’t worry if you missed our recent webinar about the ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp – because now you can watch it on YouTube!

Clavis’ specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, shows why the Gusto is the essential choice to ensure vital clamps in vehicles are properly secured — helping to avoid issues including malfunctions and engine damage!

Combining a presentation, video and a live demonstration of the Gusto tool, his webinar is a must-see: 

Andrew Punton | 27-Nov-20

It takes just 0.3 seconds for Clavis’ innovative Gusto POPP clamp release tool to ensure vehicle clamps are effectively closed. 

This helps avoid all sorts of problems including engine damage. We say the Gusto is the best tool for the job – but don’t take our word for it. 

If you’re in the Americas, then whey not take a few seconds more to sign up for our webinar? Our specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, will show you the many merits of the Gusto!

Register here: 

Andrew Punton | 27-Nov-20

Our mounting plate tension equipment is used in factories around the world. We’ve created bespoke systems for everyone from Ducati and Triumph to Nissan.

In fact, since 1988, the timing belt tension for every Ducati engine has been set with Clavis equipment, and we’ve recently designed and engineered a tool to tension the rear belt.  

Each of our production line tools can be used on a number of different engine variants. They are designed specifically for the needs of each client.

If you want your belts to have perfect tension, every time, why not learn more about our tension setting equipment? 

Want to know more?