LinkedIn Insights - December 2020

Clavis | 22-Dec-20

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at Clavis!

Our factory is closed from Tuesday 22nd December — but we’re back open on Monday 4th January.

See you in the New Year!

Clavis | 22-Dec-20

Do you want to see a tool that’s essential for automotive manufacturing quality control – but that many manufacturers overlook?

Then head over to our YouTube channel, where we’ve uploaded our recent webinar demonstrating the ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp. In the video, our specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, talks you through why the Gusto is the best tool to ensure that POPP clamps are fastened and removed quickly and securely.

Put on a brew, kick back and enjoy the show!

Mark Errington | 22-Dec-20

Many people don’t realise how bespoke Clavis’ sensor heads really are!

This picture shows a totally-unique mount. The blue parts of the system were designed recently for a global transportation refrigeration manufacturer.

The customer supplied us with CAD data and, from that, we manufactured unique fixtures perfectly suited to the customer’s mobile refrigeration units.

The system also includes a sensor head that measures the alignment of the pulleys and tension of the belt perfectly.

Do you want do discuss your own unique design? Then drop me a message.

Clavis | 21-Dec-20

Electrification may not be right for every application. This video from Volvo explores its vision for the potential of hydrogen fuel cells.#evs #fuelcells

Andrew Punton | 17-Dec-20

You’ll have read that COVID-19 vaccines will require extremely cold conditions of -70 degrees Celsius, to be stored and transported properly.

That’s a big ask — so what can be done?

Fortunately, our customer Thermo King, the temperature-controlled transport specialist, has an idea. It’s refrigeration units — normally used to transport sushi to Japan — could hold the answer.

We’re proud to supply belt measurement systems for Thermo King’s mobile refrigeration systems.

Read more:

#ThermoKing #COVID19

Clavis | 17-Dec-20

When the world’s back to normal, then come and visit us!

Clavis is now based in one of the largest business parks in the UK, North Tyneside’s Cobalt business park.

People don’t realise that we do everything under one roof, at Clavis — with CNC machines and lathes, a CAD design studio, large testing rigs for our Fourier Belt Measurement System (BMS) and much more.

Come and see for yourself. Drop us a line at, and let’s make plans!

Mark Errington | 17-Dec-20

It’s encouraging to see the UK government’s new plans for sustainable farming.

There’s great potential for our belt measurement systems, like the FourierBMS, to help farmers operate their machines more reliably. Agriculture is something we’re looking at over the coming year.

Andrew Punton | 16-Dec-20

This book would fill a Christmas stocking quite nicely … #hint #hint

Clavis | 16-Dec-20

Nice piece here on the use of stable and heat-resistant thermoplastics in the vehicle engines of tomorrow.

At Clavis, we’re always evolving the bespoke designs of our belt measurement sensor heads, to get into all the nooks and crannies of tomorrow’s more compact engine designs. #engineering

Clavis | 16-Dec-20

Belt tension meters must be precise, reliable and suited to your application’s environment — so choosing one is a longwinded process, right?

Actually, no.

In fact, you can determine the right device for your belt measurement needs right now, by going online and filling out a short questionnaire!

Try it for yourself, here:

Mark Errington | 16-Dec-20

We’re proud of our roots at Clavis – and chuffed to have been shortlisted for two Made in the North East awards!

Both nominations are for our ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp Release Tool.

The Gusto provides a traceable guarantee that POPP clamps – devices used to clamp fluid transfer hoses in automotive applications – are closed. This greatly reduces risks of component failure in the vehicle.

We’re hoping there’ll be a bash to attend in March – hope to see you there. 😊

Andrew Punton | 15-Dec-20

Who knows if the world will return back to normal in 2021? But there’s no reason why you can’t pop a visit to us in your diary!

Clavis has overhauled our facilities with more room for growth, employees and production capabilities. We’re also keen to show-off our new CNC lathe, CNC miller and turret mill.

We hope you’ll come and visit us in 2021 — there’ll be a brew waiting for you. Get in touch.

Clavis | 15-Dec-20

You’ll have seen that we talk a lot out POPP clamps, which are used by all major automotive manufacturers.

But what exactly are they and how do they compare to other clamp types?

Learn all about POPP clamps in our blog:

Mark Errington | 15-Dec-20

We can supply belt measurement systems for vehicles and 3D printers.

But what about a machine that combines the two?

Scaled, a start-up based in Oxfordshire has developed the UK’s first 3D printed vehicle. Great job!

Clavis | 10-Dec-20

We’re always looking at new ways to ruggedise our belt meters.

The Type 14 is a ruggedised version of our Type 4 belt meter. It is ideal for use in toothed timing belts, simple or poly-vee belts and cogged belts.

The Type 14 has a tough aluminium body, high stability precision and easily validated calibration accuracy. And, it can measure frequencies between 30 and 600 Hz.

This covers most automotive applications. Learn more:

Andrew Punton | 9-Dec-20

It’s great to see e-bikes getting their due — as the developer of the world’s lightest power-to-weight e-bike motor secures £1.85m of funding.

We’re watching e-bike developments keenly, here at Clavis, as belt tension will have a crucial role to play in their quality control.


Clavis | 9-Dec-20

Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) is ready to support you.

CAD designs have proven critical during the COVID-19 travel restrictions. We’ve still been able to design bespoke measurement belt systems for our customers in Europe, the Far East and elsewhere. In some cases, they’ve been able to 3D-print their own prototypes!

So, there’s no stopping us! Get in touch with us today to talk about your unique requirements:

Clavis | 9-Dec-20

It’s clear that the automotive industry is moving towards sustainability, but what does that mean for production processes? 💡

This video offers a fascinating insight into assembling a Toyota Fuel Cell System.


Clavis | 8-Dec-20

Have you signed-up for tomorrow’s webinar?

Find out how the small, yet powerful Gusto tool helps the world’s major automotive manufacturers ensure vital clamps in vehicles are properly secured – and avoid major issues like engine malfunctions and damage.

It isn’t too late to join! Register for your free e-ticket, here:

Clavis | 8-Dec-20

Your belt tension requirements are unique — and that demands a bespoke unit. At Clavis, we design our units specifically to suit your unit application.

In fact, we’ve created bespoke systems for everyone from Ducati and Geely, to Nissan. All have tailor-made solutions that mount seamlessly into their engine blocks.

Let’s start your unique design today. Get in touch:

#Nissan #Geely #Ducati

Andrew Punton | 4-Dec-20

The pandemic has been a challenging time for many manufacturers. But, disruption can also be the catalyst for change and creativity. ⚡

A refreshing perspective from Jaguar Land Rover

Mark Errington | 4-Dec-20

Being so quiet definitely makes electric motorcycles stand out! But, is the lack of exhaust noise a pro or a con to e-bikes? 🏍 😀

Andrew Punton| 3-Dec-20

Learning never ends. At Clavis we’re always striving for innovation, and this wouldn’t be possible without being open to new ideas. We’re big fans of this ethos from #JohnDeere! 📚
#innovation #professionalgrowth

Clavis | 3-Dec-20

This handheld device has become essential on some the world’s top automotive production lines – and here’s your chance to see why.

Next week, our specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, will be online for an exclusive webinar. He’ll show you how our ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp tool is vital for securing the many connections within vehicles. 

We say it’s the best tool for the job – but why not decide for yourself? 

Get your free e-ticket, here: 

Clavis | 3-Dec-20

We’re very proud to have been shortlisted for two Made in the North East awards! 

Clavis is nominated in the Design Engineering and Technology and Automotive, Aerospace and Rail award categories. Both were for our ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp release tool!

The Gusto provides a traceable guarantee that POPP clamps are closed, avoiding catastrophic problems with vehicles. 

Fingers crossed, we can have a knees-up at the awards ceremony in March 2021! Read more about the Gusto, here: 

Mark Errington | 3-Dec-20

A very timely look at how Trane’s Synexis HVAC system helps to rid the air of harmful bacteria.

Did you know that belt tension plays an important role in most #HVAC systems? 🌬

Mark Errington | 3-Dec-20

Check out this video where I demonstrate Clavis’ Type 7 Belt Tension Meter. You can see up close our optical sensor head detecting the vibration signal.

Put simply, this means you get a more accurate belt tension reading – better belt tension improves vehicle or machine performance, and reduces the risk of catastrophic drive belt failures.

We’re the only company in the world that offers anything like this. Take a look – and do drop me a line if you’d like to know more. #manufacturing #testing

Clavis | 2-Dec-20

What do Clavis’s Type 3 and 4 Belt Frequency Meters and this roadie have in common?

Well, the Type 3 and 4 determine the natural frequency of vibration of a belt span, and measure and report the reading in Hertz. The belt is forced into vibration by gently tapping or plucking it.

As the tension in the belt is increased, so too does the frequency. #engineering

Clavis | 2-Dec-20

Bear Grylls eat your heart out!

Did you know belt measurement is also vital in extreme environments? That’s where Clavis’s super rugged Type 13 SR belt meter lends a hand.

The Type 13 SR can operate between -40 and +80 degrees Celsius and is fully submersible down to 15 metres (50 feet).

Whether you’re cold climate testing in the Arctic Circle, or maintaining a battalion of armoured fighting vehicles, our Type 13 is the tool for you.

Learn more: 

Mark Errington | 2-Dec-20

Vehicle manufacturers, is your brake settings up to standard?

Park brakes must be able to deal with heavier loads – especially as new, five tonne transit vans hit our roads. CLAVIS measurement tool are vital for ensuring these large, weighted vehicles can park safely.

Yet, at the same time, manufacturers could greatly improve how they test and measure these systems. How? Find out in my latest blog. #brakingsafety #brakeson #handbrakes

Clavis | 1-Dec-20

If you missed our recent webinar about the ground-breaking Gusto POPP clamp release tool, then don’t worry – you have another chance!

Our Gusto specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, will show you why the Gusto is the essential choice to ensure vital clamps in vehicles are properly secured. 

This webinar is scheduled for our customers in the Americas – but if you’re free at 5 pm GMT on December 9, then why not get involved?

Register here: 

Clavis | 1-Dec-20

Don’t worry if you missed our recent webinar about the ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp – because now you can watch it on YouTube!

Clavis’ specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, shows why the Gusto is the essential choice to ensure vital clamps in vehicles are properly secured — helping to avoid issues including malfunctions and engine damage!

Combining a presentation, video and a live demonstration of the Gusto tool, his webinar is a must-see: 

Mark Errington | 1-Dec-20

I may be a little biased, but at Clavis we think the manufacturing industry offers some of the most challenging and rewarding careers around! 🙌 #manufacturing #careers

Want to know more?