LinkedIn Insights - January 2021

Andrew Punton | 29-Jan-21

Nice! The first e-bike in the world to integrate both an electric motor and an adaptive automatic transmission …

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Clavis | 28-Jan-21

Hopefully, mobile refrigeration units — like those manufactured by our customer Thermo King — can play a vital role in aiding the transportation of the COVID-19 vaccine at extremely cold conditions of -70 degrees Celsius.

Mark, our operations director, has written a blog about how belt systems are vital to how these mobile refrigeration systems perform. Read it here:

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Clavis | 28-Jan-21

The 3D printing industry is poised for a resurgence, according to this report. 😊

I’ve you haven’t seen it already, here’s our own blog on the vital role proper belt tension will play in the 3D printing revolution: #3dprinting #belttension

Mark Errington | 28-Jan-21

Nice piece from Bloomberg on the importance of supercold freezers in 2020.

But let’s not forget how important correct belt tension is to making these refrigeration systems perform effectively.

Want to know more? Drop me message. Or email:

Andrew Punton | 27-Jan-21

A good catch-up on what’s happening in 3D printing right now – and what we can look forward to.

Remember, effective belt tensions measurement can be vital to making these systems work. #3dprinting #belttension 

To find out more, drop me a message or contact our team through

Andrew Punton | 27-Jan-21

It’s quite surprising that many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) don’t correctly measure belt tension in their engine systems.

Many use force gauges to manually measure the force of a belt, but these tools are inaccurate. Really, OEMs can do better – they are missing out on all kinds of benefits like longer performance, greater power and improved fuel economy!

In my new blog, I explain why Clavis’ belt meters are a better alternative to manual force gauges; especially in the era of Industry 4.0.

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Clavis | 27-Jan-21

It isn’t just our numbers that are impressive. You should see our new website, which has gone live today!

Now it’s easier than ever to drill down to the products you need. Find the right belt tension, hose clamp detection or brake setting gear for your unique needs.


Clavis | 27-Jan-21

We’ve been doing this for a fair while now…

The Clavis team looks forward to another year of measuring customers’ belt tension requirements like no-one else.

Whether your application is automotive, agriculture, marine engines, 3D printers or anything else with an industrial belt, drop our team a line to discuss your needs, today.

Andrew Punton | 26-Jan-21

A lot of work’s gone into it, but we’re pleased to unveil the brand new Clavis website!


Aside from looking a lot nicer, you’ll be able to download product sheets on our range of products – the FourierBMS, the Gusto and others. 

And they’ll be more videos and exciting content coming in the future. Watch this space!

Mark Errington | 22-Jan-21

Manufacturers today want to know absolutely everything about how their own equipment performs through data.

If you’re one of these people, remember this data should include the frequency or tension a belt is operating at, in real-time.

A system like the FourierBMS can be crucial in communicating this data to human machine interfaces (HMIs) on the shop floor.

Learn why here:

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Clavis | 21-Jan-21

What’s the secret to the perfect hand brake?

If brake cables are perfectly adjusted, then any cabin lever movement is immediately translated into brake lever movement — in a car, a heavy vehicle or anywhere else.

Clavis hand brake setting equipment is fast, durable, offers traceability and repeatability to an accuracy of 0.02 mm.

So, it’s no secret why it’s been used globally in automotive manufacturing plants for over 16 years!

Learn more:

Clavis | 21-Jan-21

#BigData will have a big role to play in agriculture.

So will effective belt measurement. Clavis’ own belt measurement system, the FourierBMS 0.1, is designed to do everything in one box.

The box contains an integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) with Profinet connectivity for data communication suited to your #industry40 needs. See it, here: #AgricultureEquipment

Clavis | 20-Jan-21

Did you know that most automotive belts worldwide are tensioned with the FourierBMS?

Our hand-held sensors can get into any nook or cranny to agitate and read the belt at the most accurate place possible.

And it can work in your system, too. To find out how, get in touch with us today:

Mark Errington | 20-Jan-21

After I recently shared this video where I demonstrate Clavis’ Type 7 Belt Tension Meter, I was asked whether the device is repeatable.

Great question, and yes it is. When detecting vibrations under 100 Hz, it is repeatable to one significant digit. Above 100 Hz, it is repeatable to within 1%.
The device is also fully-traceable.

Here’s the video again, where you can see the optical sensor head detecting the vibration signal. Or, drop me a message for more info at

Clavis | 19-Jan-21

Production assembly lines have a need for speed — but that’s not all it takes to be successful. There’s also a need for quality.

Clavis’s GUSTO POPP does both, taking just a third of a second to determine whether a POPP clamp has been closed successfully.

That’s why it’s become essential to some of the world’s fastest production lines:

Clavis | 15-Jan-21

Exciting times ahead for electric power assisted steering (EPAS) systems! Effective belt measurement will remain essential to these systems.

Did you know most belt-driven EPAS are already measured with Clavis’ own FourierBMS?

We support our customers — typically original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or integrators — at the pre-production design phase, and we sometimes get involved later in the process during mass-production.

Message us at to find out more.

Mark Errington | 15-Jan-21

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well during these difficult times.

Here’s my latest blog, I’d appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to read it and provide feedback.

Did you now that belt systems are vital to how mobile refrigeration systems perform? However, many OEMs aren’t optimising the belt alignment and tension in these systems.

Here, I explain why lasers offer a better solution:

Clavis | 14-Jan-21

Clavis has developed a closed-loop system.

This measures, monitors and accurately controls the belt tension process from start to finish.

The FourierBMS closed-loop system is designed to automatically achieve and maintain the optimum target tension of a belt under tension.

The system is perfect for Industry 4.0 setups, or where no human input is needed.

Find out more:

Mark Errington | 14-Jan-21

An exciting hint at a future where 3D printers won’t be limited by size!

Of course, at Clavis we’re also excited by the vital role belt measurement systems will play in making these systems work correctly.

See my blog on the subject, here:


Andrew Punton | 13-Jan-21

Nice report here on the state-of-play with electric vehicles (EVs).

If you haven’t read it, here’s my own article on a key technology that will emerge with EVs: steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems. 

I explain why belt measurement remains vital to these procedures: 


Clavis | 13-Jan-21

Some of the world’s largest car making brands have already taken part…

If you’ve missed our webinars about why you should use the Clavis’ Gusto POPP clamp release tool, then no worries!

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Learn how this new, handheld tool can bring new levels of speed, traceability and quality assurance to automotive production lines.

Why not kick back with a mince pie, and enjoy the show:

Andrew Punton | 12-Jan-21

Clavis’ belt tension systems are already the automotive industry standard for belt tension measurement.

But they’re also ideal in any application where the product features a belt drive. 

Like marine engines, for instance. The belts are idle for most of their life – especially on sailing boats – which means extra wear complications can happen when they’re in use. Correct belt tension can help overcome these issues.

So, before you next set sail, get in touch with us to find out more:


Mark Errington | 12-Jan-21

Jaguar Land Rover is building a “smart city hub” to test its self-driving vehicles.

What do you think: are autonomous vehicles a good idea?

#selfdrivingvehicles #smarttechnologies #autonomousvehicles

Mark Errington | 8-Jan-21

Did you know that correct belt tension in engine drive systems can help them become more efficient?

Benefits can include increased horsepower, which leads to better acceleration, increased speed, torque boost and better fuel economy.

Those are just a few reasons why correct belt tension is essential. If you’d like to know more, then drop me a line today at


Andrew Punton | 7-Jan-21

As someone who’s partial to the occasional long bike-ride, I’m liking this new e-bike that has a range of 200 miles on a single charge.

Designed by Gavin Whitmore, the Juggernaut HD Duo has a 1500W mid-drive motor and a whopping 2002Wh battery.

Give us a call if you ever decide to install, and measure, a belt in one of your EVs, Gavin! #engineering  

Clavis | 7-Jan-21

Nissan Motor Corporation has designed an electric relief vehicle that can act as a reliable mobile power source following natural disasters — a really exciting use of #EVs! 👏

Clavis | 7-Jan-21

Vehicle manufacturers, is your park brake setting up to standard?

With new vehicles like Ford’s new five tonne (5T) Transit van on the roads, automotive manufacturers must ensure park brakes can deal with heavier loads.

In this article, Mark Errington, our operations director, explains how:

Mark Errington | 7-Jan-21

If you’ve spotted more trucks than usual on the motorway, recently, it might have something to do with growing demand for frozen perishable commodities. Last year, alone, the UK saw £6.3 billion pounds in frozen food sales.

Did you now that belt systems are vital to how these mobile refrigeration systems perform? However, many OEMs aren’t optimising the belt alignment and tension in these systems. Here, I explain why lasers offer a better solution.

Specifically, Clavis’s with Fourier Belt Measurement System (BMS) that’s already used by the likes of Thermo King.

#refrigeration #transportation #foodindustry

Andrew Punton | 6-Jan-21

It’s not just belt measurement systems that are vital on today’s automotive production lines – so is Industry 4.0 technology.

That’s why Clavis has designed the FourierBMS Model No. 001 to do everything in one box. 

It contains an integrated PLC with Profinet connectivity for data communication over Industrial Ethernet, and enhanced I/O. 

So, the FourierBMS can connect into – or create – closed loop systems where no human input is needed.

That’s how do you do Industry 4.0! Message me for more info. #industry40 

Clavis | 5-Jan-21

How many ways are there to design a sensor head, to perform vital belt measurement checks in vehicles and other applications?

Well, we’re now up to about 50. Do you need a sensor to get into the nooks-and-crannies of an electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system, a marine engine or even a 3D printer?

Then we’ll design, prototype and manufacture the right unit for you. Get in touch today:

Clavis | 1-Jan-21

Wishing you all a happy 2021!

It was a bumpy 2020, for sure, but the Clavis IDS team is happy to be back to business.

Whatever ups and downs you face this year, we’re here to support with your brake setting and belt tension needs.

Contact us to find out how — and let’s make 2021 a great year!

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