LinkedIn Insights - November 2020

Andrew Punton | 30-Nov-20

Will electric motorcycles see a similar demand trajectory to other #EVs? This review of the Zero SR/F makes me want to take one for a spin! 🏍

Mark Errington | 30-Nov-20

An exciting way #digitalisation can iron out early production issues! 👏

Learn how 3D modelling helps CLAAS to get their tractor production right first time.

Andrew Punton | 27-Nov-20

An interesting comment on the importance of ventilation this winter.

To keep HVAC systems running effectively, ensure they have correct belt tension. 🔧

Clavis | 27-Nov-20

It takes just 0.3 seconds for Clavis’ innovative Gusto POPP clamp release tool to ensure vehicle clamps are effectively closed.

This helps avoid all sorts of problems including engine damage. We say the Gusto is the best tool for the job — but don’t take our word for it.

If you’re in the Americas, then whey not take a few seconds more to sign up for our webinar? Our specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, will show you the many merits of the Gusto!

Register here:

Clavis | 27-Nov-20

Our mounting plate tension equipment is used in factories around the world. We’ve created bespoke systems for everyone from Ducati and Triumph to Nissan.

In fact, since 1988, the timing belt tension for every Ducati engine has been set with Clavis equipment, and we’ve recently designed and engineered a tool to tension the rear belt.

Each of our production line tools can be used on a number of different engine variants. They are designed specifically for the needs of each client.

If you want your belts to have perfect tension, every time, why not learn more about our tension setting equipment?

Clavis | 27-Nov-20

Today’s the final day of our Black Friday sale!

This is your last chance to get 30 per cent off belt tension meters in our range, including the Type 7 and even our rugged Type 13 and 14 models.

Follow this link to purchase the best belt measurement tool for your needs — as used by the world’s top manufacturers and OEMs.

Give us a call if you’d like to know more.


Mark Errington | 27-Nov-20

Change is coming. Whether it’s autonomous vehicles or electrification, what will have the greatest impact on the #automotive industry? 👀

Clavis | 26-Nov-20

The countdown to Black Friday is nearly at an end!

As an experiment, Clavis is getting involved. We’re offering manufacturers 30 per cent off belt tension meters in our range, including the Type 7 and even our rugged Type 13 SR and 14 models.

Follow this link to purchase the best belt measurement tool for your needs — as used by the world’s top vehicle manufacturers and OEMs.

Don’t miss out on our Black Friday sale, finishing tomorrow!


Clavis | 25-Nov-20

Did you catch our webinar on our ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp?

Our specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, talked viewers through why the Gusto is the best choice to ensure clamps in vehicles are successfully closed, and how it can help avoid issues including malfunction and engine damage!

You can now watch the webinar, here:

Clavis | 25-Nov-20

Improper tension is one of the most common reasons for drive, steering and brake belt failures.

In the construction industry, machines are pushed to their limits, and the last thing you need is belt failure disrupting a project and causing inconvenient downtime.

For equipment that needs to stand up to the elements, use a belt tension meter that’s tough, reliable and accurate. Then, your customers can be confident that their machinery can take on any challenge.

See Clavis’ full range of belt meters here:

Clavis | 25-Nov-20

You’ll find plenty of tools to help with those tough home DIY jobs in the Black Friday sales on November 27.

But what if you’re a manufacturer that faces rough production conditions?

Believe it or not, Clavis is offering 30 per cent off its belt meters for Black Friday. That includes the Type 14, designed for tough applications like toothed timing belts, cogged belts and more.

Don’t miss out — get involved in Clavis’ Black Friday sale, today.


Clavis | 23-Nov-20

In 1988, Clavis invented a new type of belt tension meter that quickly became the automotive industry standard for belt tension measurement.

Over 30 years on, we’re still raising the bar with a range of belt tension meters for whatever your application needs.

To find out which belt meter is right for you, take our online quiz:

Andrew Punton | 19-Nov-20

An interesting use of #AI to support production — would an app like this make your job easier? 🤔

Clavis | 19-Nov-20

With its tough aluminium body, high stability precision and easily validated calibration accuracy, the Type 14 Belt Meter is perfect for use in rough production conditions.

This ruggedised version of our Type 4 Belt Meter is suitable for measuring tension in toothed timing belts, simple or poly-vee belts and cogged belts. It can measure frequencies between 30 and 600Hz, covering most automotive applications.

Interchangeable sensing heads are available on request for applications with limited belt access. Find out more:

Clavis | 19-Nov-20

Lawnmowers, power tools, outdoors gear… You can buy all kinds of rugged items in the Black Friday sales on November 27.

But could this be the most rugged of them all?

Clavis is offering manufacturers 30 per cent off belt tension meters in its range for Black Friday. That includes the Type 13 SR Belt Meter, for high precision and calibration accuracy in extreme conditions.

The sale start’s tomorrow — so get involved!


Clavis | 17-Nov-20

We’re doing something unique for this year’s Black Friday sale, on November 27.

Clavis is offering manufacturers 30 per cent off belt tension meters in its range — as used by leading OEMs including Ford, Daimler and others.

Even better, Clavis’ Black Friday sale starts early, on November 20. Don’t miss out!


Clavis | 17-Nov-20

Improper belt tension can cause slippage, premature wear, excessive stress on belts, bearings, and shafts, breakage, and even engine damage.

But, this isn’t just a problem for landlubbers. Proper belt tension plays an important role for marine engines too.

Checking belt tension with one of our accurate, reliable belt meters can help to prolong the life of alternators and engines, whether your customers are cruising down the motorway or sailing the seven seas. Learn more:

Andrew Punton | 13-Nov-20

A blurry photo is a moment lost. This theory can be applied to inaccurate measurement data, with engineers using handheld instruments.

In my latest blog, below, I explain all about our new series of robot-mounted belt tension equipment with built in programmable logic controllers.

Clavis | 13-Nov-20

Ever wondered how electric power assisted steering (EPAS) works?

Sensors detect the position and torque of the steering column. Then, a computer module applies assistive torque through a motor, which connects to the steering gear or column.

Clavis’ Fourier measurement system analyses the tension of the drive belt in two different ways to get the most accurate reading, and enables EPAS systems to be mass produced successfully.

Learn more:

Andrew Punton | 12-Nov-20

Even with today’s camera phones, it still happens. You try to take a perfect photo but it comes out a blur — and the moment is lost forever.

This kind of situation might also be familiar to engineers who’ve used handheld instruments to take accurate data readings — and then wished they had used a mount instead!

But robots can lend a helping hand. In my new blog, I explain how Clavis has introduced a purpose-designed series of robot-mounted belt tension equipment, with built in programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Read all about automated belt tightening, here. #robotics #manufacturing #automotiveindustry

Andrew Punton | 12-Nov-20

Clavis has been shortlisted for two Insider Media Made in the North East awards. Listed under Integrated Display Systems (IDS), Clavis has achieved a space on the shortlist in the Design Engineering and Technology and Automotive, Aerospace and Rail award categories 🏆😄

Recognition from Made in the North East, an award in our home region, is incredibly meaningful to our team and reinforces our efforts to put the North East on the global manufacturing map!

Clavis | 12-Nov-20

Check out the latest article from Andrew, our managing director. This new belt tension equipment, with built in PLC, is taking systems integrators by storm!

#robotics #manufacturing #automotiveindustry

Mark Errington | 12-Nov-20

Great results for Clavis! 🏆

We’ve received two nominations in the Insider Media Made in the North East awards. The first in the Design Engineering and Technology category and another in the Automotive, Aerospace and Rail award category.

Check out the shortlist here:

Clavis | 9-Nov-20

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Clavis, so much so we’ve won 4 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for it — and counting.

Our products are designed to solve and prevent problems for our customers, and we don’t stop until we’ve found the best solution.

If you have something we can help you with, why not get in touch?

Clavis | 5-Nov-20

Need to monitor belt tension in extreme conditions?

Whether you’re cold climate testing in the Arctic Circle or maintaining a battalion of armoured fighting vehicles in the desert, our Type 13 SR Belt Meter is the tool for you.

The Type 13 is able to operate in environments between -40 and +80 degrees Centigrade and is fully submersible down to a depth of 15 metres (50 feet). Designed to be used in some of the toughest production environments on the planet, this belt meter can handle whatever conditions you throw at it.

Learn more:

Clavis | 3-Nov-20

Do you know we offer in-house CAD design?

Our customers often need unique solutions for their belt tension measurement and setting needs, so we’re experts in creating bespoke solutions that work perfectly for you.

Contact us to discuss our CAD design offering.

Want to know more?