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CLAVIS Data Acquisition Software (DAS) is an application that captures the handbrake setting data generated by the CLAVIS equipment.  This application enables the viewing of data captured in real-time, the generation of reports, and the display of historical data.  In addition the CLAVIS (DAS) allows the update of the handbrake setting parameters for the CLAVIS system.

The information generated by the CLAVIS (DAS) provides the information to investigate any issue that may have arisen on any specific vehicle.

The CLAVIS (DAS) User Interface (UI) is written in C#.NET and uses a secure Microsoft SQL Server Database.

Tool Measurement Information View

The Tool Measurement Information  view displays data from the last vehicle set with the CLAVIS equipment, allowing the user to scrutinise the information as the CLAVIS (DAS) is updated in real-time.  Within this view the user can examine statistical data for further analysis of the handbrake setting data.

Within the Last Brake Set  panel the user can scrutinise the setting measurement information.  The data includes the side the vehicle was set on, the setting distance, scragging result, etc.  The information is further broken down into left and right-hand side tool information where the user can easily analyse an individual tools performance.  This application also allows the operator to resend the short VIN when an NOK result code is generated.

The Vehicle Brake Setting Information  panel allows the user to search for information about an individual vehicle or a specific vehicle dataset.  A dataset is a collection of handbrake setting data.  The user can select and analyse different dataset by filtering the data using the drop-down fields within this panel.


Data Plotter View

The Data Plotter  view displays real-time information about the individual tools.  When the tools are placed onto the brakes the radio communication indicators will display green if the tools are transmitting, red if the tools are not, and yellow if the tools receive any interference.

The reference value (blue) and the sensor pin movement (red) are plotted on the graph.  The red line traces the movement of the pin in every stage of the CLAVIS setting process, scragging, final setting, etc.

When the CLAVIS setting process is completed and the tools are removed the traces are saved onto the screen and into the database. The screen will only refresh when a new process starts.

Within the Data Plotter  view the user can also observe the PSet information generated in real-time.  The PSet information is saved along with the tool measurement string and the traces for both left and right-hand side tools.  The user can toggle between the power tool and the CLAVIS tool information panels by clicking anywhere within the respective panels.

This view displays a timestamp of when the CLAVIS process has started, and displays the setting duration.

The user has the option to select the Scragg Target, Back At Rest, and Parameter Set Information checkboxes to help diagnose the problems you will face.

The user can also switch between "Sensor Pin Travel" and actual brake lever travel.


Parameter Settings View

The Parameter Settings  view allows the user to change the handbrake setting variables for the CLAVIS system.

The user can load existing files or read directly from the CLAVIS EEPROM and amend the reference values, target and target ranges, cycle timeout, handbrake lift, etc.

Once the data has been amended the user can save the changes to a file locally and update the CLAVIS EEPROM directly.

The application also allows the user to add and remove tool types if necessary.

The connection indicator allows the user to see if the control cabinet is connected before reading or writing to the EEPROM.


Reporting View

The Reporting  view displays customised reports generated by the CLAVIS (DAS).  The user can customise a report to suit their requirements by selecting the dropdowns and checkbox fields.  The user can also generate CSV files containing the handbrake setting data in the current database.

The basic custom PDF report contains a summary of the handbrake setting performance and general information in regarding the plant such as line name, shift pattern, plant name, etc.

The user can select the period in which to generate a report from by selecting the dropdown box.  The user to amend the period (Today, Yesterday, Today-2, Today-3, Today-4, Today-5, Today-6, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Month -1, Month -2, Month -3, and Date Range).

Other selectable information includes individual tool type summary, shift pattern breakdown, FTT tracker, scragging distance, and result code summary breakdown.  The result code summary displays information about each individual vehicle failure.  Data includes tool number, radio transmission, reference value, etc.


Database View

The Database  view displays the CLAVIS tool measurement information (order by record created).

This view displays all information records by the application; short VIN, tool type, setting distance, result code message.  It also displays the breakdown of the left and right hand side information.

The user can scroll up and down to view the data.  By double-clicking on an individual record the user can view the traces that correspond to the setting data.

The trace data is displayed in addition to the tool measurement information on a separate tab.  The user can also view the scragging information for an individual vehicle.

The user can save this view to a PDF file if required by clicking the button in the top right hand corner of the view.




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