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The FourierBMS measures the tension of the drive belt using an optical sensor head. 


The Clavis FourierBMS is used in numerous industries. For quality assurance and production line assembly, our belt measurement equipment makes a vital contribution to the improvement of products and processes.

From global major corporations to medium-sized companies, the Fourier system ensures reliable measurement results with the highest precision all over the world.

From automotive production lines and HVAC assembly, to integrated OEM solutions – nearly all industries benefit from our belt measurement technology.

Electric power assisted steering (EPS/EPAS) or motor-driven power steering (MDPS) uses an electric motor to assist the driver of a vehicle.  Sensors detect the position and torque of the steering column, and a computer module applies assistive torque via the motor, which connects to either the steering gear or steering column. This allows varying amounts of assistance to be applied depending on driving conditions.

Clavis measures the belt tension on all EPAS units produced by the four volume manufacturers, TRW, Nexteer (Delphi), SKF and Hitachi.

Front-End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) or accessory drive systems in motor vehicles are used to drive auxiliary equipment, such as alternator, coolant pump, power steering pump or A/C compressor.

Accessories are driven by a poly V-belt or Serpentine belt, the tension of which is precisely adjusted to the required loads using a mechanical or hydraulic tensioning system. Guide pullies are used to create the required wrap angle around the front-end accessories. Poly V-belts are designed to perform at high loads transmitting the engine torque - up to 350 Nm is not unusual in modern cars, without slip from the crankshaft to all its accessories.

Most transport refrigeration units are attached to trailers to control the temperature of their cargo. Freshness and quality of the goods inside the trailer needs to be retained. Clavis measures the belt tension for the engine that drives the compressor and other important features in order for this to be achieved. 

Sensor head

The FourierBMS measures the frequency of a belt using an optical sensor head connected to the control cabinet via a cable. The sensor head contains an infra-red optical sensor and a spectrally matched photodiode which recovers the belt vibration signal.

The sensor contains a solenoid driven electro-mechanical hammer which is used to agitate the belt causing it to vibrate. An infra-red optical sensor is employed to convert the belt vibration into an electrical signal which is processed by the FourierBMS control cabinet.

What sensor head to use?


Over 50 different sensor head configurations available.  Designed and manufactured for specific customer requirements.


A wide range of lengths and diameters are available for through hole and difficult to reach belts.


Custom made for specific units, the adjustable sensor head allows a single sensor head to measure across different units and setup.


Manually operated, angle independent, and adaptable for a range pf different belts.


Clavis have developed a closed-loop system which measures, monitors, and accurately controls the belt tension process from start to finish.  The FourierBMS closed-loop system is designed to automatically achieve and maintain the optimum target tension of a belt under tension.




The demand for companies to reach the best decisions based on real-time data insights have never been greater. The FourierBMS is designed to interact not only with operators and engineers, but also other systems and subsystems. PLCs play an important data gathering and reporting role in system transparency by serving and receiving data from plant quality systems.


Advanced process control and monitoring functions make it easy to view and collect data.


Fourier interfaces include:

  • PROFINET Networked Ethernet
  • RS232 Serial connection
  • 24v Isolated Outputs 

We have developed a range of FourierBMS controllers integrating PLCs produced by Siemens, Allen-Bradley, and Mitsubishi.

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