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Belt Measurement

Our equipment measures the tension of a belt using optical or acoustic sensors to detect high frequency vibrations of a belt under tension.  Designed and built for production lines and manufacturing facilities, Clavis belt measurement equipment is the industry standard for most OEMs.


The Clavis Pulley Alignment System uses a profile sensor using the laser triangulation principal to detect parallel and angular misalignment. 

Hose Clamp Detection

 The Gusto POPP clamp release tool analyses the low frequency movement of the tool by the operator prior to releasing a clamp and the high frequency vibration that is caused by the clamp rapidly closing. This device is used by automotive manufacturers worldwide as a poke-yoke solution to effectively “error-proof” hose installation.

Brake Setting

Our handbrake setting equipment has been installed in automotive manufacturing plants worldwide for over 15 years. The perfect brake setting is achieved when the brake cables are adjusted so that any cabin lever movement is immediately translated into brake lever movement.