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GUSTO (POPP Clamp Release) Tool

What are POPP clamps?

POPP (Pre-Opened-Pre-Positioned) Clamps, Spring Band Clamps, or Constant Tension Band Hose Clamps are self-tensioning sealing component which provides a nearly constant clamping force over a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures.

POPP clamps are self-tightening sealing elements made from tempered spring band steel offering a high level of flexibility.  With an almost constant clamping force, they continuously adapt to the changing characteristics of hose and fitting and consequently ensure non-leakage in all systems that use liquid or gaseous media.

POPP Clamp on Hose
POPP Clamp

POPP clamps are pre-tensioned such that a suitable prying force will cause the clamp to 'snap' closed ensuring a reliable, leak proof connection of a hose to a fitting.  These clamps do not need readjusting over time and have a simple, safe, and quick assembly.

What are POPP clamps used on?

POPP clamps are used within the automotive industry to produce high quality vehicles.  Within the engine, the POPP clamps provide a secure and maintenance-free seal of hose neck connections in coolant and heating circuits as well as in servo systems, fuel delivery systems, air intake systems and charge air systems.

Once the clamp is installed on the hose joint, there will be no more need to re-torque or re-adjust the clamp over time.  A typical screw type clamp does not compensate for temperature and pressure changes and can allow a joint to leak or even "blow-off".  Spring Band clamps are the standard used by all major automotive manufacturers globally for sealing of coolant connections.

Automotive Engine Application

  • Fuel
  • Return Line
  • Charge Air
  • Power Assisted Steering
  • Air Intake
  • Heating
  • Thermostat
  • Cooling
POPP clamp locations on vehicle
POPP clamp locations on engine

The GUSTO POPP Clamp Release Tool

The GUSTO POPP Clamp release tool uses a digital inertial measurement unit consisting of a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer.  This is used to analyse the low-frequency movement of the tool by the operator prior to releasing a clamp, and the high frequency vibration that is caused by the clamp rapidly closing.  By measuring this movement as opposed to force the tool is clamp-size independent.

Gusto POPP clamp tool
Gusto POPP clamp tool

The tool analyses IMU data over a window of about 0.07 seconds taking readings at a frequency of 8 kHz.  The orange line represents the point at which the clamp closes.  The low frequency movement of the tool by the operator and the high frequency vibration of the tool is analysed and thus the tool can determine when a clamp has correctly released.

Gusto POPP IMU data
Gusto POPP IMU data

Each GUSTO pack consists of a GUSTO Tool, Charger and Receiver with optional light-stack.  A GUSTO tool pairs with a receiver by transmitting a stream of data (UHF) every 3 seconds containing battery status and channel information.

Gusto POPP Clamp tool system
Gusto POPP Clamp tool system

Receiver Features:

  • The receiver has a 'tool-present' LED which indicates a secure radio link.
  • An error-proofing output for connection to the plant quality computer system.  This provides traceability of each vehicle set by the GUSTO tool.
  • Output for a light stack to indicate tool present, low battery and clamp released.
  • 16 available channels (UHF).

Charger Features:

  • Fast charge capability - charging the tool to 80% in less than an hour.
  • Separate LEDs indicating power, charging, and fully charged.

Tool Features:

  • The tool requires no set-up.  It is always on and ready to release clamps.
  • There are 16 different radio channels that the tool can be set to and the tool has a range of approximately 15m.
  • The battery life is approximately 5 days depending on usage.
  • An indicator LED for operator to know the tool has detected a clamp.
  • The ability to detect and reject deliberate or accidental false triggers.




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