Piolax Clamps

A Versatile Solution for Clamp Error Proofing

Clavis are proud to present the latest advances in our industrial error proofing for the Piolax constant tension spring band clamp or the pre-positioned holder-less clamp. Clavis engineers designed a purpose-built tip (end-effector) specifically for the Piolax clamp allowing the user to release with minimum effort while also avoiding physical damage on the pre-tension mechanism of the clamp.

There is no need for hardware or software modifications when releasing dissimilar sized clamps.  Highlighting the versatility of the tool, the sophisticated software and tip design allow for release of different clamp diameters while using the same setup, avoiding this way usage of multiple tools for processes that require release of dissimilar clamps.  The Gusto tool algorithm will automatically reject false release attempts, restricting to a one-way release of such clamps.

A variety of tips, that differ in length and angle, enables successful releases of clamps in remote locations or constraint environments. Furthermore, for industries that use clamps from different manufacturers, the Gusto tool accepts all of the tips with no extra modifications done on its frame.

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The Gusto Titanium tool has the ability to successfully determine safe release of the Piolax clamps, removing this way the liability from the operator.  The latest version of the Gusto has is used by automotive manufacturers worldwide as a poke-yoke solution to effectively “error-proof” hose installation.

Gusto Titanium has better performance in terms of True Positives (98.8%) and False Positives (less than 0.5%). The tool body is slightly bigger in size (5mm) and is made out of 100% aluminium to improve durability.

Some of the Benefits

  • Reduces the reliance on the operator to ensure that clamps are fixed/installed correctly
  • Significantly reduce the risk of open clamps being missed on hoses
  • The tool is clamp-size independent – it can be used across multiple engine/hose stations

Experience the Gusto in action

We offer a free trial to experience the Gusto in action and see the benefits and added value the tool offers first-hand. We integrate the Gusto with your systems and run the trial live on site, we guarantee you will see significant improvements. To see how we can error proof your processes, drop us an email admin@clavis.co.uk. More information can be found in our new e-brochure, which you can download below.


Download the Gusto Brochure

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