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LinkedIn Insights - November 2021

 Andrew Punton | 30-Nov-2021

Belt issues can cause a host of problems in any application — like wear, unscheduled downtime, increased maintenance and more.
That includes #automotive, large industry belts in chemical plants, #HVAC systems, #3Dprinters and more. Whatever your application, it’s vital to regularly test your belts with the right equipment.
But how to you choose the right belt meter for your application? Read my blog to find out:
Article: What’s the best belt meter for you?

 Andrew Punton | 25-Nov-2021

As the cold weather begins to set in, it’s important to ensure that you are carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicles and auxiliary power units (APU).

Our client Thermo King suggest standard maintenance every 2000 hours to keep your vehicles running smoothly even at winter temperatures.

Checking belt tension is also an essential part of automotive maintenance, and its something we can help you with. Head to our blog to read more about why you should make tension measurement part of your maintenance routine: Article: Why is correct belt tension so essential?

 Clavis | 25-Nov-2021

Our Black Friday deal ends tomorrow!

Don’t miss out on 30% discount on our full price belt meters and sensor heads.

Our offer is valid until midnight tomorrow – visit our website for more information: Webpage: Clavis home

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 25-Nov-2021

We understand your belt measurement needs can be as varied as your applications — there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to belt tension measurement.

That’s why our FourierBMS is available with a huge array of sensor heads, making it an adaptable option for your belt measurement needs, whatever your application!

Head to our YouTube channel to take a look at just some of the sensor head options, and how they can work for you: Youtube: Sensor Head Options

 Clavis | 24-Nov-2021

Proper tension is vital in any industrial application where there’s a belt, and to ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly.

Our Type 7 handheld belt tension meter offers a versatile solution for a range of industries, suitable for use with all belt types including poly-vee and toothed timing belts.

The Type 7 measures tension in Hertz (Hz), Newtons (N), and Pounds (Lbs), takes a reading and transmits the signal back to the main device via its RS232 connector.

Click here to find out more: 👉 Webpage: Belt Tension Meters

 Andrew Punton | 23-Nov-2021

Wired connections in handheld tools can be disruptive, and make connection issues difficult to diagnose.

That’s why wireless options are becoming more popular — as features like integrated data logging can help manufacturers make better decisions.

How are such complex features built into Clavis’ handheld Gusto tool? Watch this YouTube video to find out: Youtube: No more wires

 Clavis | 23-Nov-2021

Opening and closing POPP clamps? Give it some Gusto!

Our Gusto tool not only offers speedy opening and closing of clamps, but quality control too. Using digital inertia measurement, the device detects and records successful clamp closure in just 0.3 seconds for full traceability.

Find out how our Gusto tool can improve quality control for #automotive production, here: YouTube: Give it some gusto


 Mark Errington | 22-Nov-2021

Clavis’ FourierBMS offers an excellent belt measurement solution for #QualityAssurance on a range of production lines — from vehicle manufacturing to HVAC assembly.
What’s more, the system is customisable to suit your unique requirements, equipment and environment. Want to know more? Visit our website to see the FourierBMS: Webpage: FourierBMS
#manufacturing #engineering

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 22-Nov-2021

Demand for refrigerated essentials such as food and pharmaceuticals is increasing, making reliable and efficient cold chains more important than ever. Here, Thermo King discuss ways providers can mitigate risks and safely transport temperature sensitive goods. 

Regular maintenance and correct belt tension can also ensure that refrigerated vehicles keep on trucking. Visit our blog to read more: Article: What the truck?

 Clavis | 19-Nov-2021

Choosing between optical and acoustic belt measurement sensors doesn’t have to be confusing!

There are many factors to consider when making the choice depending on your application. @Clavis can advise on the best sensor head for your operation and environment.

To read more about deciding between the two, head to our blog: Article: Optical vs. Acoustic

 Andrew Punton | 18-Nov-2021

#3Dprinting is opening up exciting new opportunities for innovation in all industries. This article by Popular Mechanics Magazine discusses ways that 3D printing can literally reinvent the wheel by altering the weight and appearance of performance tyres.

We frequently work with OEMs and are seeing first-hand, not only the amazing possibilities of 3D printing, but also the key challenges. Read our blog here to find out more: Article: The future is 3D

 Clavis | 18-Nov-2021

Have you seen our Black Friday deal?

Starting today, we are offering a 30% discount on the full price of our belt meters and sensor heads.

Visit our website to find out more: 👉 Webpage: Clavis home

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 18-Nov-2021

Want to error-proof your clamp installation?

With POPP clamps playing such an important role in vehicle production, this should be a priority. That’s why Clavis developed the Gusto Tool

Designed for rapid and reliable clamp opening and closing, the Gusto has built-in quality control technology to ensure full #Industry40 traceability.

Check out our YouTube channel for more information on how the Gusto tool works: Youtube: Why use the Gusto?

 Andrew Punton | 17-Nov-2021

Frozen goods are a massive industry in the UK, and sales continue to grow massively. In 2019 £6.3 billion worth of frozen goods were sold and this significantly increased in 2020. ❄
With this growing demand, proper pulley alignment and belt tension is key to ensuring that these trucks can run effectively — ensuring the safety of frozen goods.
Read more about belt measurement systems for refrigerated trucks, here: Article: What the truck?

 Andrew Punton | 17-Nov-2021

Would you convert a classic car into an #electricvehicle?
With the move to ban petrol and diesel by 2030, many car enthusiasts are electrifying their collectable classics.
This is a great step towards a more sustainable, and environmentally-friendly future — something we strive to achieve at Clavis.
What are your thoughts on e-classic cars? 

#electricvehicles #automotiveindustry #future #technology #sustainable

 Clavis | 17-Nov-2021

Proper attachment and removal of Pre-Opened-Pre-Positioned (POPP) clamps is key in quality in #automotive production.

The Clavis Gusto tool offers a durable and efficient solution for opening and closing POPP clamps, while error-proofing the entire process. The device even sends signals to its wireless receiver when a clamp is successfully opened or closed, making it traceable and easy to monitor.

Find out more about the Gusto tool and its features at our website:👉 Webpage: Gusto Tool


 Mark Errington | 17-Nov-2021

Exciting to see this new initiative from General Motors! This article by USA TODAY explains how the company is investing in 40,000 EV charging stations in the United States for public use, increasing the current available number by a third.
Hopefully investments like this will encourage more people to consider purchasing an electric vehicle and choosing a more sustainable option!
#ElectricVehicles #evs #charging #sustainable

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 16-Nov-2021

Don’t let improper belt tension bring you down!

A badly-tensioned industrial belt can lead to wear, poor machine performance and reduced belt lifetimes.

Fortunately, Clavis offers belt meters for all industries and applications. Measuring tension has never been easier!

Check out our range of belt measuring meters, here: Webpage: Belt meters

 Clavis | 15-Nov-2021

As electronic parking brake (EPB) systems increase in popularity in #automotive, small belt drives look set to become more widespread.

Electric handbrakes are expensive to produce for OEMs, but micro belt configurations are a more cost-effective alternative to EPB gearing. As with any belt application, correct tension is essential for effective functioning.

Clavis has developed new sensor heads that can accurately measure tension in even micro belts! Read our blog to find out more: 👉 Article: Are micro belts the future?


 Mark Errington | 15-Nov-2021

#Automation and #robotics are revolutionising industry, with more and more companies adopting robotic solutions for their operations.
Automation is the future, and this article in Verdict introduces Burro — a start-up focused on designing collaborative robots to automate agricultural processes. This is an exciting possibility for Agriculture 4.0, but the importance of belt tension in new innovations shouldn’t be overlooked.
Check out my blog to read more about correct tension in precision agriculture: Article: Making hay with proper belt tension

 Clavis | 12-Nov-2021

We are offering 30% off our range of belt meters this Black Friday!

From 19–26 November, you can get 30% off the full price of belt meters and sensor heads from Clavis.

To find out more, visit our website: Webpage: Belt Meters

 Clavis | 12-Nov-2021

Ensuring correct belt tension can reduce the risk of costly breakdowns and unscheduled downtime.

Our range of belt meters can help you to measure and monitor belt tension and tackle to prevent these issues.

Why not take advantage of our Black Friday discounts on belt meters and sensor heads? Get 30% off full price meters from 19–26 November!

Head to our website for more information: Webpage: Clavis home


 Mark Errington | 12-Nov-2021

Electric vehicle (EV) production hit an all-time high in the UK in September 2021, with over 21,000 EVs produced. This article by The National News discusses the shift in production trends towards more sustainable options.
This is welcome news in the UK’s move to zero-carbon automotive manufacturing, but some of the challenges involved in EV production are the same as petrol and diesel vehicle manufacture.
Our blog explains more about why belts are still important even in EVs:
Article: Don’t forget your belt

 Andrew Punton | 11-Nov-2021

Clavis’ company — and our customers — have changed a long since we began in 1980.
But our values have always stayed the same – providing accurate, durable and reliable equipment to meet your quality control needs.
Whether it’s for #automotive applications, large or small industry belts, #HVAC systems or more, our skilled team of engineers are here to give you expert advice.
Visit our website to learn more: Webpage: About Clavis

Clavis | 10-Nov-2021

Many steer-by-wire, or electronic power assisted steering (EPAS) systems, use an internal belt system.

To ensure correct functioning of the steering unit, proper belt tension is key.

That’s where Clavis’ belt tension meters come into play. They are able to fit into tight spaces and measure belt frequency in real-time, assessing steer-by-wire systems in seconds.

Watch this video to find out more about Clavis’ steer-by-wire solutions:
Youtube: The future is Steer-by-wire


 Mark Errington | 10-Nov-2021

Clavis has come a long way since our humble beginnings in 1980 — specifically, manufacturing LED boards for airports and train stations.
Read my blog to learn more about our journey to becoming the industry leader in belt tension measuring equipment, here:
Article: A brief history of Clavis

#automotive #manufacturing #robots

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 10-Nov-2021

With the current focus on #COP26 and #sustainability it is great to see companies making positive changes to reduce their environmental impact.
Congratulations to Hitachi for taking action and becoming a Climate Change Innovator!

 Andrew Punton | 09-Nov-2021

Fantastic news from BMW Group as they progress on their journey to electric mobility with the production of their new #electricvehicle.
Even as more sustainable options gain popularity, belt tension should still be considered in #automotive production.
Head to our blog to read more about the importance of correct belt tension even in EVs:
Article: Don’t forget your belt

 Clavis | 09-Nov-2021

We are offering 30% off our range of belt meters this Black Friday!

From 19–26 November, you can get 30% off the full price of belt meters and sensor heads from Clavis.

To find out more, visit our website: Webpage: Clavis home


Mark Errington | 05-Nov-2021

Clavis has come a long way since our humble beginnings in 1980 — specifically, manufacturing LED boards for airports and train stations.

Read my blog to learn more about our journey to becoming the industry leader in belt tension measuring equipment, here: Article: A brief history of Clavis

#automotive #manufacturing #robots

 Clavis | 04-Nov-2021

Clavis’ Belt Frequency Meter is a two-component system, a handheld meter attached to an optical or acoustic sensor through an electronic cable.

Type 3 Belt Frequency Meter has a measurement frequency range of 7Hz to 300Hz. It’s suited to all belt types, including toothed timing belts and poly-vee belts.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation, or check out our product range here: Webpage: Belt meters

#engineering #BangOnBeltTension

 Clavis | 01-Nov-2021

Clavis Belt Frequency Meters are suitable for measuring frequencies in all types of power transmission belts, ranging from toothed timing belts to poly-vee belts.

Whether you’re manufacturing #automotive, #agriculture or even #marine engines, the Clavis Belt Meter can help you achieve perfect belt tension.

Webpage: Belt meters

#engineering #BangOnBeltTension

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