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LinkedIn Insights - October 2021

 Clavis | 28-Oct-2021

Motorcycle engine blocks, the latest #wireless technologies, a host of valuable webinars and at least one #guitar video! 🎸

If you haven’t already, check out the wealth of content on @Clavis’ #YouTube channel: 👉 FourierBMS – Closed Loop System

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 28-Oct-2021

Did you know that Clavis works with our customers to design a unique sensor heads, based on their bespoke requirements?

These sensors can be sure the tension is spot on in industrial belts, no matter how large or small. What’s more, each new design gets added to our catalogue!  YouTube: Optical vs. Acoustic

Watch this video to learn more, or message me through LinkedIn for a consultation!
#CAD3D #Manufacturing #QualityAssurance

 Clavis | 27-Oct-2021

Pre-Opened-Pre-Positioned (POPP) and Spring Band clamps (SBC) are used within the #automotive industry to produce high quality vehicles.

But, operators need to ensure these clamps are effectively opened or closed to guarantee this? How? By using #data and our unique Gusto tool!

Learn more, and ask about a free Gusto trial, here: 👉Clavis Gusto Tool

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 27-Oct-2021

Will tomorrow’s robot-equipped smart farms be a utopia or a nightmare?

Clavis’s belt measurement systems can help it become the former, by helping to avoid equipment breakdowns caused by worn belts!

Read my colleague Mark Errington’s blog about that, here: Article: Making hay with proper belt tension

#Industry40 #agricultureequipment 

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 27-Oct-2021

To all #Automotive #Engineers out there, do you agree that wired handheld tools are becoming a thing of the past? 

In this blog, I explain why wireless handheld tools are the modern-day solution for automotive production lines — whether you are handling large or small data volumes. 

Please take a few moments to read my blog and feel free to like, share or leave a comment:
Article: No more wires

#Industry40 #SmartFactories

 Clavis | 26-Oct-2021

Wireless tools are the future of busy production environments, like #automotive production lines.

They are:
👉 Easier to install
👉 Give more flexibility
👉 Allow rapid communication speeds for data logging
👉 Are fully-traceable

All of this applies to belt tensioning systems, too! Read this blog by @Clavis’ senior engineer, Pavlos Sgardelis, to find out more:

Article: No more wires

 Clavis | 26-Oct-2021

Optimal belt tension makes belt drives work:

⚙ Harder
⚙ Better
⚙ Faster
⚙ Stronger

Paraphrasing Daft Punk aside, to maximise belt drive performance, consider investing in belt measurement equipment — like our handheld Type 3 Belt Frequency Meter.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation, or check out our product range here: Webpage: Hand held belt meters

#engineering #BangOnBeltTension


 Mark Errington | 26-Oct-2021

Today, Clavis specialises in designing and manufacturing belt tension measurement equipment and automotive handbrake setting equipment. But, if you think that’s all we’ve done, think again.

Read my latest blog where I explain how bomb disposal robots, a fateful call from Ford Motor Company and roughly 36 fire engines brought Clavis to where it is today.

#automotive #manufacturing #robots

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 26-Oct-2021

Great to see BMW Group taking the right steps towards a more sustainable future in the #automotive sector with their electric vehicles.

Sustainability starts with how vehicles are made, and the type of materials we choose to use. I can’t wait to see the exciting developments that take place in the years to come.

#ElectricVehicles #Sustainability

 Andrew Punton | 25-Oct-2021

Did you know, in the UK, just 37 per cent of new cars are fitted with a manual handbrake? That means seven out of ten new vehicles now come with an electric handbrake, with expensive internal components?

To cut costs, #OEMs should consider switching to small belt drives. Read my blog, where I explain how to achieve proper belt tension in these smaller systems: Article: Are micro belts the future?

#Engineering #Manufacturing


 Mark Errington | 25-Oct-2021

Well done, John Deere for its innovations with electric drive components, and for striving to make a zero emissions future a possibility!

Read Clavis’ blog about future innovations in Agriculture 4.0, here: Article: Making hay with proper belt tension

 Clavis | 22-Oct-2021

2019 alone saw £6.3 billion worth of frozen food sales in the UK.

Keeping this food frozen is essential for preventing the growth of bacteria — that makes mobile #refrigeration trucks very important indeed! 🚚

But, do you realise how important belt maintenance is to keeping these refrigeration systems running? Learn more, here:
👉 Article: What the Truck?

 Andrew Punton | 26-Oct-2021

Now the nights are drawing in, why not kick-back with a warm mug of tea and watch one of our webinars?
In this one, we show you how to avoid the expensive consequences of belt failures — one of the most significant causes of equipment in many industries, from #Automotive and #HVAC assembly to integrated #OEM solutions.
To avoid them, you should set out to achieve reliable measurement results with the highest precision. How? We show you in this video: Youtube: Setting your belt tension with precision
#Webinar #Engineering #QualityAsssurance

 Clavis | 21-Oct-2021

Is it really possible to error-proof the fixing or removing the clamps that help connect vital systems in vehicles?

Yes it is — and the answer lies in a small, handheld tool that’s already used by #automotive #manufacturers worldwide.

@Clavis’ Gusto tool has a range of features, including a wireless device, radio channels and different tips.

See it here: 👉 Webpage: Gusto Tool


 Mark Errington | 21-Oct-2021

We’re proud of our customer Thermo King, which has made the UK national news in the Metro Magazine for its solution to improve air quality in buses.

Thermo King uses Clavis’ tension meters to make sure belts in its systems maintain optimal performance. Here’s to helping passengers feed safer during their commute!

#BusTransport #HVAC #COVID19

 Clavis | 20-Oct-2021

What are the early signs of belt failure?

❌Rust, cracks, or damage to the arm, housing, and bracket.
❌Pulley wear
❌ Squeaking or rattling noises

If these factors aren’t addressed, they can lead to equipment failures or downtime.

To avoid this, you must take the right steps. Head to our website for more information: 👉 Webpage: Belt meters


 Mark Errington | 20-Oct-2021

There’s no question: belt measurement equipment should be integral to quality assurance and production line assembly. That applies to a range of sectors, from automotive and #AgricultureEquipment to #HVAC, #3Dpinters and more.

But don’t take my word for it, let our experts show you in the pre-recorded webinar, Q+A and demonstration. Head to our YouTube channel to learn how to achieve better belt measurement!

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 20-Oct-2021

Nice round table from Nexteer Automotive on how there will be a cultural, as well as technological, shift with e-mobility.

Tomorrow’s #automobiles will also include steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems. But, as long as these systems use mechanical belts, it’s vital to have the correct tension in the belt itself.

Read my blog, here, where I explain why: Article: Don’t forget your belt

#selfdrivingcars #automateddriving #brakes #steering

 Andrew Punton | 19-Oct-2021

Really, who needs wires, anyway?
Clavis has developed a wireless torque wrench system. This enables full traceability of the unit and reduces the chance of over-tightening. 
There are all kinds of advantages to this, including improved accuracy, consistency and control — not to mention a torque range from 0.4 to 200 Nm!
See the advantages for yourself in this video:
YouTube: Wireless Breaking Torque Wrench System
#Industry40 #Manufacturing

 Clavis | 18-Oct-2021

Pre-Opened-Pre-Positioned (POPP) clamps are used in the #automotive industry to secure vital connections within vehicles 🚗.

The clamps are used on fuel, heating, and cooling systems — to name a few!

But, can you guess the best tool for #QualityControl when opening or closing these clamps? Click here for the answer: 👉 Article: Know your clamps

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 18-Oct-2021

Vertical farming, an innovative way of producing food in vertically stacked layers, is on the rise in the UK.

Automation is on the rise in #agriculture, which places more onus on #OEMs to build equipment that lasts and can be left alone. Read our blog about this, and why belt measurement is so vital here: Article: Making hay with proper belt tension

#Agriculture #AI #VerticalFarming #precisionagriculture

 Clavis | 15-Oct-2021

3D printing is bringing a world of innovation to the #agriculture sector, and could help improve efficiency and revenue for farmers. 🌾

That includes manufacturing bespoke tools, and 3D printing gardening structures to make the most out of limited space.

But, did you know 3D printing is also vital to tensioning industrial belts in #agricultureequipment. How? Read our blog to find out:
👉 Article: Making hay with proper belt tension


 Mark Errington | 15-Oct-2021

As recent fuel shortages impacted the UK, online searches for #electricvehicles (EVs) spiked.

This could mean we’ll see more EVs on the road, sooner rather than later! But, even as we go electric, the importance of belt tension mustn’t be overlooked.

Read Clavis’ blog here, where we explain why:
Article: Don’t forget your belt

 Pavlos Sgardelis | 14-Oct-2021

Did you know that Clavis works with our customers to design a unique sensor heads, based on their bespoke requirements?

These sensors can be sure the tension is spot on in industrial belts, no matter how large or small. What’s more, each new design gets added to our catalogue! YouTube: Optical vs. Acoustic

Watch this video to learn more, or message me through LinkedIn for a consultation!

#CAD3D #Manufacturing #QualityAssurance

 Andrew Punton | 13-Oct-2021

#3dprinting is transforming manufacturing, including in #agriculture where it’s increasingly used for prototyping and production.

This nice article by @Sculpteo explains more. So does our own article on how 3D printing effects industrial belt measurement, big data and more. Read it here:
Article: The future is 3D

#3Dprinting #industry40 #bigdata

 Clavis | 13-Oct-2021

Did you know the perfect hand brake setting is achieved when the cables are adjusted so that cabin lever movement is translated to break lever movement?

That’s why @Clavis’ brake setting equipment has been used in automotive manufacturing facilities for 16 years, because it can guarantee:

1. Accuracy
2. Traceability
3. Speed
4. Durability
5. Customer satisfaction
Read on to learn more: Webpage: Handbrake Setting

#AutomotiveEngineering #Manufacturing #OEMs


 Mark Errington | 13-Oct-2021

Automation and robotics are on the rise — and even the #agriculture sector can’t escape!
Agriculture 4.0 being the next anticipated trend in farming, with a focus on precision agriculture using the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. 🤖🌾.
Read my latest blog, where I explain why proper belt tension is crucial for preventing equipment failures and helping manufacturers embrace Agriculture 4.0. #Industry40 #Engineering
Article: Making hay with proper belt tension

 Andrew Punton | 12-Oct-2021

Are micro factories the next big thing in manufacturing?

#Automotive manufacturers like Arrival are resorting to smaller dimension factors to produce smaller EV battery parts to UPS and BMW Group.

Industrial belt tension for these systems mustn’t be overlooked — and neither should full Industry 4.0 traceability. Read Clavis’ blog on the latest wireless tech to learn more: Article: No more wires

 Clavis | 12-Oct-2021

Which Clavis hand-held belt meter is right for you?

All our belt tensioning meters offer accuracy, traceability and reliability. But you should also consider:

⚙ Belt size
⚙ Belt thickness
⚙ Unit of measurement
⚙ Production conditions

Learn more: Webpage: Handheld belt meters

#engineering #BangOnBeltMeasurement

 Clavis | 12-Oct-2021

Ensuring proper belt tension, in any industrial application that relies on a belt, is vital.

Too little, or too much, tension will result in excessive stress and heat on the belt. That leads to poor performance, slippages or even equipment failures.

If you’re interested in learning more, watch our video here: Youtube: Why is the Correct Belt Tension important?

#AutomotiveEngineering #AgriculuralEquipment #3Dprinting #HVAC #Refrigeration

 Clavis | 11-Oct-2021

Pre-Opened-Pre-Positioned (POPP) clamps are used in the #automotive industry to secure vital connections within vehicles 🚗.

The clamps are used on fuel, heating, and cooling systems — to name a few!

But, can you guess the best tool for #QualityControl when opening or closing these clamps? Click here for the answer: 👉 Webpage: Know your clamps

 Clavis | 11-Oct-2021

Do you work with hose clamps on #automotive production lines?

Then why not make a brew and jump into our recent webinar on YouTube? Our presentation and Q+A shows you how to error-proof your hose clamp installation.

In fact, Clavis has developed an advanced tool for exactly this purpose: the Gusto. It’s already used by automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Learn why, here: YouTube: Error-proof clamp hose installation

 Clavis | 08-Oct-2021

To quote Public Enemy’s Chuck D, “Bass! How low can you go?”

Well, Clavis’s acoustic sensor heads go as low as 4 Hertz when detecting the frequency of vibration in industrial belts.

This is especially useful for measuring tension in wide belts with large spans — as you’d find in large industrial equipment, for example.

Do believe the hype! To learn more and book a consultation, follow this link: Webpage: Belt Meter Sensor Heads


 Mark Errington | 08-Oct-2021

There’s no doubt about it, 3D printing is a complete game-changer!

Whether in aerospace, automotive, or the agriculture sector, 3D printing is fuelling a smart and innovative future in #Manufacturing.
But are you aware that effective belt tension measurement is vital for achieving effective 3D printing results?

Learn why in my blog, here:
👉 Article: The future is 3D
#3DPrinting #Manufacturing #BeltMeasurement

 Clavis | 07-Oct-2021

It’s vital that you measure an industrial belt at the right frequency, whether it’s 4 or 140 Hertz. But how do you calculate the right frequency?

It involves factors like shaft speed, belt length and the belt’s weight. But, don’t worry, because Clavis has made these calculations easy with its online Belt Calculator.

Try it for yourself! Webpage: Belt calculator

 Andrew Punton | 01-Oct-2021

This article cites multi-purpose implementation as a way that robots can optimise efficiency in manufacturing.

Robots can greatly support accurate belt measurement, too. When systems integrators said they wanted to affix Clavis’s belt measurement systems to secure mounts, including on robots, we responded.

Read more about that on Robotics and Automation News:
Article: Automated belt tightening

#robotics #manufacturing #automotiveindustry

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