Clavis’s belt measurement systems can help farms properly embrace what many are calling “Agriculture 4.0”.

Making hay with proper belt tension

Industry 4.0 and automation are becoming essential to agriculture. But this equipment is increasingly expensive, with complex moving parts, electrics, hydraulics and sensors that make breakdowns highly expensive. And what’s the biggest cause of equipment breakdowns? Worn belts. In my latest blog, I explain why Clavis’s belt measurement systems can help farms properly embrace what many are …

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No more wires

Achieving wireless connectivity in automotive production lines Wires are increasingly a thing of the past. Wired connections in handheld tools have long been known to disrupt the work of industrial operators — including reduced efficiency and being unable to pinpoint connection errors. Clavis’ customers face these issues when securing clamps and setting belt tension in their automotive …

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Go large!

We’ve talked frequently about tensioning smaller industrial belts, and choosing the right belt tension measuring instrument to reach the nooks and crannies in smaller systems — like electric vehicle engines or 3D printers. But what about large industrial belts? Here, I explain why proper belt tension is crucial for keeping larger machines running efficiently. Proper tensioning …

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