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LinkedIn Insights - July 2021


Mark Errington | 28-Jul-2021

#Agricultureequipment breakdowns are an expensive proposition that, unfortunately, is not always budgeted for. It puts greater responsibility on agricultural equipment OEMs to deliver machinery that lasts.

Read my latest blog, where I explain why proper belt tension is crucial for preventing equipment failures and helping manufacturers embrace Agriculture 4.0.

#Industry40 #Engineering

Clavis’s belt measurement systems can help farms properly embrace what many are calling “Agriculture 4.0”.

Mark Errington | 28-Jul-2021

Clavis is the industry leader in belt tension measurement. That includes for the #agriculture industry, where worn belts are one of the greatest causes of equipment breakdowns?  

Our belt measurement expertise can be applied to tractors, harvesters, cultivators, front and backend loaders — and much more.

If you’re an #agriculturalengineer involved in quality control, then contact myself or the Clavis team for a consultation: Webpage: clavis.co.uk/contact/

#BangOnBeltTension #engineering

Clavis Logo

Clavis | 27-Jul-2021

Proper tensioning is crucial for efficient drive belt operations in large machines with high-powered motors — as you’d find in processing or chemical plants.

But the sheer size of these belts makes it more challenging to take effective measurements.

In his latest blog, Mark, operations director of Clavis, explains some of the best methods for measuring larger belts. This includes using the Type 7, our most advanced belt meter.

Read it here: Article: Go Large!

#BangOnBeltMeasurement #engineering #maintenance

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Clavis | 27-Jul-2021

Clavis is a worldwide supplier of belt measurement equipment and has been supplying equipment to the Electric Power Steering market for over a decade. Visit our website for more information or contact admin@clavis.co.uk.

Andrew Punton | 23-Jul-2021

If you think about it, how many of your production issues can be traced back to a badly tensioned industrial belt?

Whether you’re involved with #automotive, #agriculture, refrigeration and #3Dprinting — or any application that uses industrial belts — then maybe you should drop us an email.

Take you first step towards better belt tension, and optimised equipment performance, by messaging me or the Clavis team today: Webpage: clavis.co.uk/contact/

#manufacturing #engineering #productionproblems

Clavis’s belt measurement systems can measure belt vibration to determine frequency and tension.
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Clavis | 22-Jul-2021

Here’s a fun fact. We produce nearly everything in-house at our state-of-the-art manufacturing and design facilities in North Shields, UK.

We recently added a bigger and better CNC machine to our set-up — and it has sped-up our production capabilities considerably.

Clavis is forever expanding — and few things are more satisfying than seeing new machines get installed. See more in this time-lapse video: YouTube: Build and Move (Extended Version)

#teamwork #engineering #manufacturing #timelapse

Clavis Logo

Clavis | 21-Jul-2021

Bespoke is best.

This includes Clavis’ handheld belt meters, which are attached to an optical or acoustic sensor through an electronic cable.

We offer different belt tension meters that operate in Newtons (N), Pounds (Lbs), Kilogram-Force (KgF) and Hertz (Hz) in order better and more accurate readings.

They include the Type 7, suited to all belt types including toothed timing belts and poly-vee. But why is the Type 7 our most popular meter?

Find our here: Webpage: Belt Tension Meters

#engineering #innovation #BangOnBeltTension

Andrew Punton | 20-Jul-2021

A really good watch, and listen, on becoming more #sustainable — something we aim to achieve day-to-day at Clavis.

For example, electric cars will soon be cheaper then internal combustion ones, which is a great step towards the sustainability of the #automotive industry.

Read my blog about that, here: LinkedIn: Article


Mark Errington | 20-Jul-2021

Technology reaping results in a matter of seconds — as shown in this great example from BMW Group? That sounds familiar. We’re no stranger to fast-acting solutions, here at Clavis.

Our Gusto tool can detect whether or not #automotive Pre-Opened-Pre-Positioned (POPP) clamps or clipless pre-opened Spring Band Clamps (SBC) have been successfully closed.

What’s more, it can achieve this in 0.3 seconds. See it in action, here:

Webpage: clavis.co.uk/gusto-tool/

Clavis Logo

Clavis | 17-Jul-2021

Optical or acoustic?

That’s a question our customers face when deciding which type of sensor head they should choose to measure their belt tension.

Belt meters are our bread-and-butter product at Clavis. We sell more optical belt meters than acoustic nowadays — since 2012, we’ve sold 8,646 optical sensor heads versus 7,478 acoustic!

But what exactly are the advantages of acoustic versus optical? Which should you choose, and why?

Andrew Punton, our managing director explains the differences here: Article: Optical vs Acoustic

#engineering #automotive #BangOnBeltTension

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Clavis | 16-Jul-2021

Clavis might export 95 per cent of its products worldwide, but we take great pride in our local roots and community. 

That’s why it was our pleasure to provide the Year Six leavers at St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School, Tyne and Wear, with these special “Leaver” hoodies. 

Despite it being a difficult and testing year or so for the pupils, we’re proud of how well they’ve done! 

#supportlocal #backtoschool #education #community


Mark Errington | 16-Jul-2021

Did you know improper belt tension is one of the major causes of engine failures?

Don’t take my word for it — watch my colleague Pavlos give a detailed presentation on the topic, here: YouTube: FourierBMS Closed-Loop System

And they have some solutions handy, including Clavis’ FourierBMS closed loop belt measurement system. The Fourier:
✔ Reduces errors
💪 Improves stability
💫 Increases reliability and repeatability

We’ll be holding more webinars, going forward — watch this space for more information!

#BangOnBeltTension #engineering

Andrew Punton | 15-Jul-2021

If you’re in the US, don’t miss this later on – it isn’t too late to register!

#webinar #automotive #hvac #3dprinting #engineering

LinkedIn: Want to make installing clamps error-proof?

Want to error-proof your hose clamp installation?
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Clavis | 15-Jul-2021

Quality assurance. It’s what we pride ourselves on.

At Clavis, we provide forward-thinking solutions that are bespoke to your requirements and application — whether it’s for belt tension measurement systems, or automotive handbrake setting.

By simply providing us with the necessary information, or even CAD images, we can design bespoke solutions suited to your needs.

Want to know more? Get in touch: Webpage: clavis.co.uk/contact/

#OEM #BangOnBeltTension #automotive #engineering


Mark Errington | 15-Jul-2021

If you’re in the US and handle #qualityassurance for #automotive production lines, then you won’t want to miss our webinar.

It’s happening later today. Register below.

LinkedIn: How can your quality assurance engineers save ever more time?


Clavis Logo

Clavis | 14-Jul-2021

This handheld device has become essential on some the world’s top automotive production lines — and here’s your chance to see why.

Tomorrow, our specialist, Pavlos Sgardelis, will be online for an exclusive webinar. He’ll show you how our ground-breaking Gusto POPP Clamp tool is vital for securing the many connections within vehicles.

We say it’s the best tool for the job — but why not decide for yourself?

Register here: Event Brite: Want to error-proof hose clamp installation?

Clavis Logo

Clavis | 14-Jul-2021

Some automotive media are heralding the death of the manual handbrake.

These systems are giving way to new electronic parking break (EPB) systems, many of which rely on expensive internal components.

To reduce these costs, small belt drives are coming to the forefront of new EPB motors. Here, Mark Errington, Clavis’ operations director explains why belt tensioning these micro belts will be essential: Article: Are micro belts the future?

#BangOnBeltTension #automotive #engineering

Andrew Punton | 13-Jul-2021

Couldn’t agree more with this.

To make a new kind of electric vehicle, first reinvent the factory, but #digitalisation should never be overlooked!

That’s why Clavis’ tools can ensure wireless connectivity on all automotive production lines for traceability, reliability and quality assurance.

Read more and see the product range here: Webpage: clavis.co.uk/products/

Industrial robots with belt drives.

Mark Errington | 13-Jul-2021

An interesting read, and a great insight from our customer Thermo King into the journey towards net-zero.

Although there’s a way to go before the complete adoption electric vehicles (EV), automotive manufacturers must not forget the importance of belt tension in many of these systems.

Clavis’ belt meter range is the industry standard for belt measurement — with lots of benefits for ensuring reliability in #EVs.

Webpage: Belt Tension Meters


Clavis Logo

Clavis | 12-Jul-2021

If one thing’s guaranteed to take up a lot of engineers’ time, surely it’s making sure the many connections between a vehicle’s technical systems are clamped properly?

Actually, no. Because there’s now a new way to make sure pre-opened-pre-positioned (POPP) clamps are fixed and installed correctly, while relying less on the operator and with full traceability: Clavis’s Gusto tool.

Join Pavlos Sgardelis, product specialist at Clavis, for a special webinar and Q&A where he’ll show you how — with Clavis’s Gusto tool.

Register here: Event Brite: Want to error-proof hose clamp installation?


Mark Errington | 10-Jul-2021

Want to error-proof your hose clamp installation?

Clavis has developed an advanced tool for exactly this purpose.

The Gusto tool is used by automotive manufacturers worldwide as a poka-yoke solution to effectively “error-proof” hose installation.

Poka-yoke is a Japanese term for using an automatic device or method that either makes errors impossible to occur — or immediately obvious if they have.

Join Pavlos Sgardelis, product specialist at Clavis, for a special webinar and Q&A where he’ll show you how to achieve this with the Gusto.

Register here: Event Brite: Want to error-proof hose clamp installation?

Andrew Punton | 9-Jul-2021

Innovation, quality and assurance.

That’s Clavis, thanks to the broad team of fully-skilled engineers who provide our services and products.

What’s more, our machining services and manufacturing processes are backed by a proven and recognised quality system — which includes having a cuppa every now and then! ☕

Contact me or the team, today. We’re always on hand to discuss your belt tension, handbrake setting or other requirements: Webpage: clavis.co.uk/contact/

#manufacturing #engineering #teamwork

teamwork makes us strong
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Clavis | 9-Jul-2021

Want to error-proof your hose clamp installation?

Clavis has developed an advanced tool for exactly this purpose.

The Gusto tool is used by automotive manufacturers worldwide as a poka-yoke solution to effectively “error-proof” hose installation.

Poka-yoke is a Japanese term for using an automatic device or method that either makes errors impossible to occur — or immediately obvious if they have.

Join Pavlos Sgardelis, product specialist at Clavis, for a special webinar and Q&A where he’ll show you how to achieve this with the Gusto.

Register here: Event Brite: Want to error-proof hose clamp installation?

Andrew Punton | 8-Jul-2021

#Innovation comes in all forms — like this engineer’s own electric vehicle conversion system for Series Land Rovers. #electricvehicles with drive new innovations across-the-board.

That includes tomorrow’s brake-by-wire and steer-by-wire technologies. See my blog, here, on how these are inspiring Clavis’ own belt tension measurement systems: Article: Don’t forget your belt

Land Rover Logo
Clavis Logo

Clavis | 8-Jul-2021

Clavis has developed a closed-loop system, which measures, monitors, and accurately controls the belt tension process from start to finish.

The FourierBMS closed-loop system is designed to automatically achieve and maintain the optimum target tension of a belt under tension, measuring vibrational frequencies between 30 Hz and 500 Hz on a wide range of belts.

We have even developed a range of FourierBMS controllers integrating PLCs produced by Siemens, Allen-Bradley, and Mitsubishi.

If you want to be next, check out the FourierBMS and get in touch: Webpage: FourierBMS

#BangOnBeltTension #automotive #engineering


Mark Errington | 8-Jul-2021

3D printing is a relatively unknown field in the #agricultural sector, but this will change over the coming years.

Clavis already uses additive to produce tools for the
#automotive industry, like our bespoke sensor heads for belt measurement.

Our solutions also hold benefits for #agriculturalmachinery.

Contact me today for a consultation.


Mark Errington | 8-Jul-2021

Did you know that mechanisation now represents 25 per cent of overall operating costs in farms? Or that worn belts are among the main reasons why combines break down?

This puts greater responsibility on farm equipment original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver machinery that’s manufactured, tested and guaranteed to high specifications.

That’s why OEMs should consider Clavis’ range of belt meters. They are used to measure frequencies in all types of power transmission belts — including those used in agricultural machinery.

Message me today, or visit this link for a consultation: Webpage: clavis.co.uk/contact/

#agriculturalengineer #BangOnBeltTension

Clavis Logo

Clavis | 7-Jul-2021

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

That’s why, at Clavis, we design bespoke solutions for whatever production problems you might have relating to belt tension.

After all, producing the highest-quality bespoke belt tension measurement systems and #automotive handbrake setting equipment helps prevent downtime.

Check out our product range, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation: Webpage: clavis.co.uk/products/

#engineering #bespokesolutions

Andrew Punton | 6-Jul-2021

Give it some Gusto!

Did you know there’s a better way to eliminate connection issues — like joint leakages or hose blow-offs — between vital systems within vehicles?

Check out Clavis’ innovative Gusto POPP Clamp Release Tool. Not only does its support hose installation traceability, wireless connectivity and reliability — it can make these processes error-proof.

Watch this short video to learn more: YouTube: Give it some Gusto

#automotiveengineering #innovation #industry40

Clavis Logo

Clavis | 6-Jul-2021

No. More. Wires.

That’s right, wireless tools will be essential in digitalising #automotive production lines.

That’s why Clavis offers the Gusto POPP clamp release tool, to fix and remove clamps that connect vital systems within vehicles.

The device detects frequency vibrations and is fully-traceable, as a poka-yoke solution for “error-proof” hose installation in your #industry40 setup.

See why automotive manufacturers worldwide already use the Gusto below.

#giveitsomegusto #manufacturing #engineering #innovation

Clavis Logo

Clavis | 6-Jul-2021

In his first-ever article, Pavlos Sgardelis, senior engineer at Clavis, breaks down why wireless tools are the future for busy production environments.

They offer:
✔ Traceability
✔ Flexibility
✔ Ease of installation

Read it below and get in touch to find out more: Article: No More Wires

#industry40 #engineering #manufacturing

Clavis Logo

Clavis | 5-Jul-2021

Have you signed up for our next webinar?

Find out how the small yet powerful Gusto tool helps major automotive manufacturers globally to ensure vital clamps in vehicles are properly secured — and avoid major issues like engine malfunctions and damage.

It isn’t too late to join! Register here: Event Brite: Want to error-proof hose clamp installation?

Want to know more?